Haro Function F3 BMX Bike - Yellow

Bike: 1990s. Seatpost height: 1986

This Haro Function F3 BMX bike looks like a pretty typical case. It shows a normal level of wear, which means some kid had fun with it for a few years. But he grew up and needed transportation, so he raised the seatpost to a comfortable crusing-around-town height. Then he got his license and left the Haro behind the garage long enough for the pegs to rust and his mom to yell "get rid of that crappy old bike, you don't even ride it anymore!"

At least that's what could have happened. Whatever the real story was, as a teenage kid's first "real" BMX bike, you could do worse. This Function F3 wears mostly Haro-branded parts, like the Slim Bars, Haro grips, padded Haro seat, and MultiSurface 3 freestyle tires. A Fusion (i.e. Haro) stem and Tektro brakes round out the package. The only drawback is the cost-saving one-piece crank, which isn't the end of the world.

Designed for freestyle, everything about the Function F3 is beefy. Four pegs, front brakes and an SST Oryg (or is it an Odyssey Gyro?) make it park-ready. It's not exactly lightweight. In the 1990s nobody cared about that.

But the best part of this bike? That's easy: it's yellow.

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Haro Function F3 - not a bad looking BMX bike

Haro slim bars, built-in gyro plate

A Haro padded seat that would make Ryan Nyquist proud

Haro grip and Tektro brake lever

Haro grip and Tektro not-quite-a-brake-lever

Haro Slim bars, Fusion block stem

Haro headtube decal and gyro plate

Downtube decal and brake cable guides

Haro Function F3 decal on the top tube

Beefy seat tube junction with embossed Haro logo

Haro plastic platform pedals

Lower fork legs with more Function F3 decals

Haro MultiSurface 3 freestyle tires

Beefy dropouts, rusty pegs, steel front hub

Haro one-piece crank and steel sprocket

Tektro U-brake and chainstay decal

Pegs and beefy rear dropouts with embossed Haro logo

Haro MultiSurface 3 tire tread

And the back of that big padded seat