Roadmaster Mt. Zone Mountain Bike - Teal/Blue

Teal and blue with black is a great color scheme

Roadmaster gets an A+ for the teal-faded-into-blue color scheme on this Roadmaster Mt. Zone mountain bike. But under the paint is another fairly forgettable cheap steel MTB.

I like the wishbone seat stays, the integral seat post clamp, and the Shimano SIS thumb shifters, which fail a lot less often than Grip Shifters or thumb trigger shifters. The brushguards on the handlebars look pretty cool too, although I can't imagine a scenario where anyone would need them on this bike.

I don't like the cheap, sloppy welds, the one-piece crank with an American bottom bracket that's already loose, the plastic brake levers or the strange-looking bottle holder.

But who cares what I like? Roadmaster probably sold a ton of these. It's a basic bike that anyone could afford. And this particular example seems to have survived hanging upside-down in a suburban garage relatively unscathed.

Scroll down for more photos.

This is a pretty aggressive-looking stance

Those brushguards look cool

Plastic brake levers suck but they sure are clean

SIS sands for "keep it simple, stupid" (I think)

Was this really made in USA?

Stamped-steel flexalot cantilever brakes

Cool seat post clamp and cable guides

This is a weird graphic scheme

And an even weirder bottle cage

I don't know what the techo-lite system is

This shot makes it almost look like a real nice bike

Steel cranks and triple sprockets

Shimano SIS rear derailleur