Trek 800 Sport Women's Mountain Bike - Purple

trek 800 sport women's mountain bike - purple - side view
The seat is pointing to a buried treasure

With a rigid fork, compact 17-inch hardtail frame, Shimano Dual-SIS-equipped 18-speed drivetrain with Grip Shift shifting, 26-inch alloy wheels, powerful V-brakes, alloy seatpost and tall handlebars, this Trek 800 Sport is a simple, reliable women's mountain bike. The deep purple paint and "Trek 800 Sport" and "Singletrack Series" graphics add visual appeal. And quick-release hubs, front and rear, make tire replacement a breeze.

Which is a good thing. Because obviously, this little purple Trek is in need of a new chain and some new tires! (And tubes.)

But that begs the question: which tires are right for your Trek mountain bike? Here are some options, which we'll discuss below.

Mountain bike tires

If you plan to take your Trek 800 (or any mountain bike) off road for some trail riding, then your best bet is a set of traditional mountain bike tires. These tires have large knobby treads to maintain traction on mud, dirt, roots and rocks. Mountain bike tires are wide enough to be comfortable, and they're not inflated to super high PSI, so they're somewhat puncture-resistant. Mountain bike tires also also make your bike look more aggressive - a look you may or may not want on a cute little purple Trek!

Slick tires

Off-road mountain biking might not be for you. Another option is a pair of street slick tires. These tires are wide, and use relatively low pressure, which provides a smooth, comfortable ride when you take your mountain bike on the street or rail trail. However, since slick tires are wide, they may cause clearance issues, and they're somewhat heavier than other tires. But if you prefer comfort over speed when you take your Trek mountain bike for a cruise, slick tires could be your best option.

Street Hybrid Tires

A hybrid bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike, designed to provide a combination of speed and comfort. And although the Trek 800 isn't a true hybrid bike, the addition of a pair of street hybrid tires can make a big improvement. If you use your mountain bike for transportation, a set of high pressure street tires will allow you to ride faster, and they'll shave a few ounces from the weight of your bike, which makes pedaling easier. Not to mention carrying the bike to your fifth-floor walk-up after a cruise around the city!

And the winner is...

There's no clear choice about which tires are best for this Trek 800 women's mountain bike. It all depends on how you'd intend to use it. But one thing's for sure: unless you want to ride it on a set of miniature railroad tracks, this bike needs tires soon!

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trek 800 sport women's mountain bike - purple - front angle view
Best option? Invisible tires
trek 800 sport women's mountain bike - purple - handlebars and head tube
Lower the stem, clean the grips, and you're golden
trek 800 sport women's mountain bike - purple - head tube and front brake
This makes me want to do an endo
trek 800 sport women's mountain bike - purple - seat
At least it's not going to poke you in the butt
trek 800 sport women's mountain bike - purple - frame graphics
Classic Trek graphics
trek 800 sport women's mountain bike - purple - crank and front derailleur
Yawn with a capital Y
trek 800 sport women's mountain bike - purple - rear derailleur
Freewheels need patina too